See what our clients and others have to say about PR 4 THE PPL and its founder, Serkan Ozturk.

“We’ve been using PR 4 THE PPL’s services for a long time now, because we appreciate their “always ready” attitude and the fact that we can rely on them to get us the stories we need even with short notice.”

RUPTLY news agency

Fabulous work from PR 4 THE PPL providing great copy for our legal websites.”

Miles Heffernan – Litigation Director, Supportah

PR 4 THE PPL’s passion for ethics in the corporate world is admirable … We also appreciate your efforts to bring the company to account and to get them to pay their employee entitlements as they are legally obliged to do.”

Dowson Turco Lawyers

“Within the space of about three months, PR 4 THE PPL helped grow our ‘Free Cannabis picnic’ from a one-off event in Sydney that barely attracted 100 people into a nationwide movement that now has the support of hundreds of thousands of people and coverage from some of the country’s largest media networks. Thank you PR 4 THE PPL – we couldn’t have done it without your publicity and advocacy work, not to mention the viral videos!”

Chris Hindi – Founder, Free Cannabis NSW

“I have known Serkan Ozturk for many years, both professionally and personally. Serkan is a rare breed. Not only does Serkan possess the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards, he brings with him a truly inspiring desire to help the little guy. Whether he’s exposing injustice or creating awareness and action around a worthwhile cause, his commitment to his craft is unique in the industry. Unlike many of his peers, Serkan is not motivated by money but rather staying true to his values and getting results for those that deserve it. It gives me great joy in recommending Serkan and his organisation’s services. Keep up the great work!”


Yan Kruger – Leadership Consultant

Serkan is a man of ethics and considerable PR and journalistic talent. I was the group publisher at a former media company we both worked for, where Serkan was one of the leading writers. During some tough times, he displayed absolute commitment to the most ethical position and he was the most courageous of all employees in the face of a tyrannical and unscrupulous boss. When others sold themselves out and accepted fraudulent behaviour by their superiors, Serkan stood firm. You can always tell how true and just somebody is if they stick to their value system even when it starts to cost them a great deal. He is one such man. If you’re looking for an advocate to support your cause, or a communications professional to produce an intelligent and morally robust media campaign, then look no further than Serkan Ozturk.”


Brad Monaghan – The Revenue Builder

Absolutely loved what PR 4 THE PPL did for us as we launched our startup exporting raw Ethiopian honey to the world.”

Bill Ozturk – CEO, Mamo & Oz