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UnDEAD was a fundraiser party for Unharm, a grassroots organisation campaigning for safe, positive and ethical drug use. Held at Oxford Street’s Midnight Shift nightclub on the weekend of Day of the Dead (October 31), the party saw a killer combination of sexy demons, politics, fun and killer dress-ups. Conceived and curated by Unharm’s ‘Queer Contingent’, it is considered to be the not-for-profit’s most successful fundraiser to date.

PR 4 THE PPL was tasked with PR strategy and advice for the event as well as producing a “trippy” 45-minute ‘zombie film’ that was played on screens for partygoers during the night. We even looked after the cloak room at the Midnight Shift as people danced into Halloween.

Unharm is campaigning to remove drug detection dogs out of celebratory spaces, and get pill testing happening at music festivals.  The war on drugs is a war on people, hitting the most disenfranchised the hardest. For years now, queers, Indigenous people, non-whites, the young and the poor, have been prime targets of intimidatory policing. Sydney’s dance party culture – the envy of the world – has suffered blows and it’s time to fight back before it’s too late.